Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Teddy Bo Tuesday

Good Morning everyone.  How's everything at your end of the world?!??!?   It's another sunny day here in Ras al Khaimah.......it's sunny just about every day here...and believe me, having come from Scotland it makes us 'hanker' for the seasons BIG TIME!!!  We're going home to Scotland for Christmas and we're SO looking forward to it....we're really hoping for snow!!!  I know....we're probably alone in that...but we get about 5 days of rain here a year and I really miss having rainy duvet days!!! ;)

SO......not too sure if you're heard anything yet about the changes for the EU with regards to VAT for digital products online, but it means that the governments in their attempt to get more money from the 'big boys' like Amazon and iTunes have inadvertently pulled in hundreds of thousands of micro-businesses who sell through 'instant downloads'......we've been set new guidelines that we much adhere to but to be honest, HMRC haven't got a clue what's happening so goodness only knows how the rest of us are meant to understand it all!!!  

SO, what does that mean for Teddy Bo & Co?!?!?! 

I haven't got a clue!!  In my heart I will not let all mine and my wonderful design team's (past and present) hard work go to waste.  We are currently in discussion with our webhost to try and get something working for us and in turn you, our very faithful friends...x  I have a feeling that we might not know what's happening right up until the very last minute (Jan 1st 2015) so in the meantime I've put a 25% off sale on at the store.


Because of all these changes we have put new releases and challenges on hold.  I don't think it's fair to the girls on the DT or the lovely people that enter our challenges.


But of course......there's an outstanding challenge that needs updated isn't there!?!?

Thank you ladies for your continued patience in my lack of internet and hectic schedule......I have hardly been on the computer in the last few weeks...there's nothing like an MP to take the creativity out of your sails!!! ;)

Gayle & the Girls x